Low Rise Lifts

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Our Low Rise Lifts are reliable and cost effective lift solutions for up to locations that need up to one metre of travel.

With increased clear access, the hydraulically driven, scissor based platform is suitable for both internal and external environments. As with all our lifts, the Comet has exceptional safety standards, exceeding requirements in many areas.

Functional yet stylish the Comet 1m Steplift moves quietly between levels to provide safe and reliable access in public buildings and for the home. Further key features include an on-board drive and mechanical on-board ramp.

The Comet is designed to be robust and hard wearing and is therefore an ideal option for external public use. With the pump unit integrated within the lift it offers reduced vandalism risk and no need for a separate control unit location.

Taking only one day to install with minimal builders work, the lift can also be relocated offering great flexibility for the future.

Low maintenance requirements and easy access to the pump for servicing means your Comet Low Rise Steplift will provide reliable and efficient access for many years to come.


Comet Low Rise Lift

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The Luna Comet Low Rise Steplift is a cost-effective lift option with a rise height of 1 metre. It has a robust, functional design for both domestic and public access use with the addition of on-board gate.

Carrying up to 280kgs the powerful hydraulics drive a scissor frame platform up to 1 metre of travel between two floors. All the mechanical workings are housed securely within the platform, and the lift can be located internally or externally.

The Comet Steplift boasts a small footprint along with its 280Kg increased load capacity.

Key Benefits

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  • Easy access to pump and switches for servicing
  • Installed within half a day to a flat 100mm concrete base
  • Shallow ramp and simple operating controls
  • Strong durable protective bellows
  • Easy to use emergency lowering system
  • Weatherproof switching and electronics
  • Low maintenance
  • Designed and built to comply with BS6440:2011
  • Cost effective and can be relocated if situations change
  • 3 platform sizes 800 x 1400mm , 900 x 1400mm , 1100 x 1400mm
  • 12 Month warranty on parts and labour as standard