Goods Lifts

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The Lune Goods Lift Range is the perfect solution to moving heavy goods from floor to floor, safely and easily.

Our lifts make light work of moving goods of virtually any shape, weight or size. They protect you and your staff from the stresses and strains of manual handling. Installing a goods lift or service lift means you distribute goods quickly, efficiently and safely between floors. Even our larger goods lifts only require only a shallow pit and come in their own structure, so they slot in almost anywhere and are economical to run.

Our range is manufactured in the UK allowing both standard and bespoke designs to be installed.

Our comprehensive project management helps you from site assessment through the design, manufacture and installation phases of the project, including ongoing maintenance.

Luna offer a full range of goods lifts including mezzanine floor lifts, standard goods lifts, dumbwaiters, trolley lifts, cellar lifts, loading bay lifts and many more ….

Meteor Goods Lift

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Our heavy goods lifts are perfect for palletised goods, large roll containers, warehouse stock, furniture or bulky goods, heavy electrical or industrial equipment, trolleys, sack barrows or washing machines. You can choose from five models with 500kg, 750kg, 1000kg, 1400kg or 1500kg capacity to suit your exact lifting requirements.

The micro lift service lifts range come in five 50kg and two 100kg stock models and cater for every lifting requirement – from food, laundry and documents to beer crates and barrels, small trolleys and industrial equipment.

All our standard model micro lifts are normally available from stock, which means that a lift can be installed and working within a few days, depending on the building work. Please contact us for further information.

Our trolley lifts sit in the middle of our load handling range. Whether you are lifting beer barrels, sack barrows, large roll containers or washing machines, you can choose between the 250kg or 300kg models to suit your exact lifting requirements. And with up to three-way entry on every floor they offer the most convenient access positions.

Both models are normally available from stock, which means that a lift can be installed and working within a few days, depending on the building work. Please contact us for further information.

All of these these lifts operate inside a rapidly-erected, structure supported framework which is easy to install and requires minimal builder’s work. No separate motor room or load-bearing shaft is needed, which helps to keep costs down.



Key Benefits

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Micro Lifts

  • 50Kg and 100Kg (can be uprated to 150Kg) loads
  • High quality rise and fall shutters or hinged doors are fitted with safety locks
  • Can serve up to 12 floors
  • Speed 0.35m/s (70ft/min)
  • Easy clean finish

Trolley Lifts

  • 250Kg and 300Kg loads
  • Up to three entrances can be fitted on each floor
  • Can serve up to 6 floors
  • The lift can be supplied with either single hinged doors with grey baked enamel or stainless steel finish, or galvanised concertina shutter leaf gates

Heavy Goods Lifts

  • Supplied for loads rated at 500Kg, 750Kg, 1,000Kg, 1,400Kg and 1,500Kg
  • Can serve up to 5 stops and up to 15m of travel
  • Speed 0.13 – 0.2m/s nominal
  • Up to two entrances can be fitted on each floor, front and rear