Cabin Lifts

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The Luna Passenger Lifts range offer a flexible lift solution for residential or commercial buildings. The lifts feature a broad range of interior options, superb ride quality and excellent eco-efficiency. At Luna we look to work with our customers with our professionally designed products, offering a variety of lift car designs, themes and accessories.

We are constantly seeking to innovate in our designs and processes to ensure that our customers benefit from the most up to date technology, cost efficiencies and design delivery. Our Cabin Lifts come with a huge range options in cabin styling, features and monitoring technology. 

We want to transform the lift experience adding value to the building, its environment and to ensure all its passengers have a comfortable and efficient ride in a part of the building they’re likely to use multiple times each day.


Pulsar Cabin Lift

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The Luna Pulsar Passenger Lift has a completely enclosed cabin lift car that travels vertically within a prepared lift shaft. Passengers are transported between floors and the control systems are often designed to give the most economical and comfortable ride possible.

The Main benefits of a passenger lift is the quicker speeds of 0.6m/s, space efficient, can have a glazed structure/shaft. There are various size platforms available to fit in all spaces. Luna Lifts also offer passenger lift solutions with reduced pit depth and headroom heights.

Should our standard range not quite meet your requirements, our bespoke lift services can provide the ideal solution for your building or home. Do get in touch so that we can discuss your requirements.

Key Benefits

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  • Outstanding ride quality
  • Ease of installation and spatial efficiency
  • Eco-friendly low energy consumption
  • Low levels of sound and vibration
  • Unique tailor-made design options
  • Choose from multiple finishes
  • Destination control software for multiple cabin installations
  • Fast Delivery